Yag Laser Capsulotomy

Very often, months or years after cataract surgery, the Intra-ocular lens (IOL) may become cloudy and the vision deteriorates.  To the patient, this may seem as though the cataract is growing back.  However, this merely represents a common healing response which occurs when a cloudy film develops over the back surface of the implant. This obscures and distorts light as it passes through the lens, causing blurry vision.  Our eye doctors routinely diagnose and treat this common condition.

While years ago, invasive surgery was required to clear this film, now Yag laser capsulotomy can be performed quickly, safely and without  discomfort. This simple procedure can be done in the office or in our state of the art surgery center in Wilmington Delaware.  Recovery is rapid, as no incisions are necessary.  A precise laser is used to focus energy behind the implant and create an opening in the bothersome film.  Eye drops are typically needed for only one week or less, and there are no restrictions on activity.

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