Discover the Benefits of Epi-LASIK

When it comes to your vision, you want to make sure you invest in the safest procedure that offers proven long-term results. 

Epi-LASIK is generally safer than traditional LASIK surgery because it eliminates the need for a corneal flap and the risk of complications associated with it. At Eye Physicians and Surgeons, P.A. in Wilmington, DEDr. Jeffrey Minkovitz and our team of doctors often recommend Epi-LASIK as an alternative to traditional LASIK. Because Epi-LASIK offers various benefits over both LASIK and photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), more and more patients are choosing this advanced procedure. 

Benefits of Epi-LASIK
Epi-LASIK offers several benefits over LASIK and PRK surgery. The advantages that are most important to you can help determine which option is best.

Comparing Traditional LASIK and Epi-LASIK

Both traditional LASIK and Epi-LASIK are vision correction procedures that reshape the cornea to address refractive errors. These treatments deliver similar results. However, while LASIK surgery requires the creation of a corneal flap, Epi-LASIK does not. In addition, Epi-LASIK does not use a vibrating blade or vacuum suction ring. For this reason, Epi-LASIK is often recommended for patients with thin corneas, large pupils, or other corneal conditions in which conventional LASIK is not suitable.

Even if you have been told you do not qualify for LASIK, Epi-LASIK could deliver the results you desire.

Meanwhile, during Epi-LASIK ablation, about 30 microns of corneal thickness are moved aside while the underlying tissue is treated with a laser. Finally, the epithelium is replaced. Because of this technique, Epi-LASIK may be right for you if you:

  • Have thin or irregularly shaped corneas
  • Suffer from certain corneal dystrophies
  • Are at higher risk of eye trauma due to contact sports
  • Have extremely large pupils
  • Have had retinal tears, radial keratotomy, or surgery for glaucoma
  • Are in the military because personnel are recommended to undergo Epi-LASIK rather than traditional LASIK

During a consultation at our practice, Dr. Minkovitz and our other doctors can assess your eyes and determine which treatment option will be most effective for you.

Treatment Benefits

This procedure generally offers a faster recovery and reduced discomfort compared to PRK surgery, which completely removes the outer corneal layer. Compared to traditional LASIK, Epi-LASIK also offers a wide range of advantages, including: 

  • Safe and effective: Because there is no deep corneal flap created during Epi-LASIK, risks such as a thin flap, button-hold flap, or incomplete flap are drastically reduced. 
  • Reduced risk of infection: Because of the advanced methods used during Epi-LASIK, patients can enjoy a reduced risk of infection as well as a decreased chance of inflammation or wrinkling under the flap.
  • Reduced risk for dry eyes: Epi-LASIK does not affect the corneal nerves. Therefore, the risk of dry eyes following the procedure is greatly reduced. 
  • Preserves more corneal tissue: Due to the nature of Epi-LASIK, the corneal tissue is left stronger and thicker compared to conventional LASIK, making this procedure an optimal choice for those with thin corneas.

A study published in the European Journal of Ophthalmology concluded that Epi-LASIK offers positive long-term outcomes even for patients with higher vision aberrations. 

Experience the Benefits Firsthand 

Even if you have been told you do not qualify for LASIK, Epi-LASIK could deliver the results you desire. If you qualify for LASIK but want to get the most out of your corrective eye surgery, Epi-LASIK can also be the right solution for you. To explore your treatment options, schedule a visit to Eye Physicians and Surgeons, P.A. and discuss the benefits with our helpful team. Request your consultation online or call our office at (302) 652-3353.

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