Treating Age-Related Farsightedness

Presbyopia is farsightedness that usually begins developing after age 40. It is often characterized by a difficulty reading, using a computer, or completing other tasks that require up-close focus. The doctors at our Dover, Newark, and Wilmington, DE, practice provide both surgical and non-surgical solutions for presbyopia, including LASIK, implantable lenses, or simple reading glasses. Contacting Eye Physicians and Surgeons, P.A as soon as symptoms develop can allow our doctors to recommend a solution that restores your focus at all distances.

Presbyopia is age-related farsightedness resulting from a loss of flexibility in the crystalline lens, which compromises your ability to achieve close focus.


What is Presbyopia?

While other eye disorders, such as myopia and hyperopia, are usually caused by genetic or environmental factors, presbyopia develops due to a gradual loss of flexibility within the crystalline lens. The crystalline lens flexes in order to achieve focus, but as this tissue hardens, close focus becomes more difficult. With the help of an ophthalmologist, presbyopia can be easily managed.

If you are over age 40 and beginning to experience a decline in close focus, our doctors can provide you with personalized treatment to fit your lifestyle and needs.

Treatments We Provide

Prescription reading glasses are the most common and minimally invasive treatment recommended for patients with presbyopia. If you are concerned with having to keep up with a pair of reading glasses, we can also provide custom contact lenses to establish monovision. Using this solution, one eye will be used for distance vision, while the other will be used for close focus. As the disorder progresses, your prescription can be easily altered and adjusted to help you achieve focus.

For patients who want to achieve improved close focus without having to depend on glasses or contact lenses, we provide a variety of surgical treatments, including:

  • LASIK: During LASIK, the doctor can reshape the middle layers of the cornea to establish monovision.
  • CK: Rather than using laser technology, CK (conductive keratoplasty) uses radiofrequency energy to reshape the corneal tissue to improve your ability to focus on close objects.
  • Implantable Lenses: If you do not qualify for LASIK or CK, but desire an alternative to wearing contacts or eyeglasses, we provide both ReSTOR® and Crystalens®. These intraocular lenses (IOLs) are designed to replace your natural crystalline lens and restore your close focus.

Trust Your Care to a Compassionate Practice

At Eye Physicians and Surgeons, P.A., you can count on our doctors to recommend and provide the right presbyopia treatment for your needs and lifestyle. Although many ophthalmic services are available at enticingly low prices from a variety of providers, the truth is that you cannot always depend on bargain-priced vision treatment providers to establish themselves long enough to provide the ongoing care you need. Our practice has served the Wilmington area for more than 30 years, and we are here to help you with all your current and future ocular health needs.

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If you are over age 40 and beginning to experience a decline in close focus, our doctors can provide you with personalized treatment to fit your lifestyle and needs. Contact our office online or call (302) 652-3353 to schedule your consultation.

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