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Sep 12

A new day at EPS brings a new O.D. to the practice.

Aug 23

Include young family members as you view patient story videos - make it a teaching moment!

Aug 20

The theme of Contact Lens Health Week is "Healthy Habits Mean Healthy Eyes"

Jul 30

There is a worldwide shortage of donor corneas.

Jun 29

As a retina specialist, we see many patients with eye problems that are a direct consequence of a systemic disease. In addition, there are some retinal diseases that can be modified by controlling an associated systemic disease. As a result, retina specialists commonly evaluate the patient as a whole, not just an eye. 

Jun 29

How many dangers out there affect our ability to see?

Jun 19

Dr. Jeffrey Minkovitz is a regular contributor to the New Castle County Women's Journal which is a quarterly publication. His article noted in the title above will be published with the next edition of the New Castle County Women's Journal - and with their permission it has been included it in it's entirety on this blog. 

May 15

New smartphone app acts like a seeing eye dog without the bark.

May 7

There is a difference between dry and wet macular degeneration.

Apr 26

The most common cause of blindness has some exciiting new treatments.

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