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Apr 12

Diabetic control is essential in preventing diabetic eye disease.  Read how new, exciting advancements are coming along in diabetic care.

Apr 10
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You can receive an email from CMS to let you know when cards are being mailed. See the link in the paragraph ahead.

Apr 2

It may be counter-intuitive to consider dry eyes the cause of tears, but don't let that fool you.

Mar 28

The egg has been called "incredible" for good reason.  Not only is the egg rich in symbolism it is rich in nutrients.

Mar 27

At EPS we are dubbing Tuesday as “Tip Tuesday” so watch for quick and to the point information that will tip you off to useful knowledge you may not have heard before.

Mar 23

For a list of the top 10 foods for healthy eyes, click on the link in this blog.




Mar 20
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Weather conditions may determine our hours on Wednesday, 3/21/18.

Mar 14
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Quality of diet (not quantity) is what makes the difference in diet success.

Mar 9

Sun exposure is not a respecter of seasons.  Winter exposure can be harmful even more than exposure during the summer.

Feb 27
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Click on the link in the rest of the story to learn about the teen tiny changes you can make.  Become10 pounds lighter in a few months!

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