Aug 8

A Bonding Experience

Team Building

by Elisabeth Parisi
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As soon as the EPS day begins, work duties become front focus for staff as we serve both physicians and patients. However, every now and then EPS sponsors a social event for staff which gives us opportunity to bond.  As we develop “family-like” work relationships we also develop a better work environment.  Pieter Van Waarde states in his article on Organization Health dated August 25, 2015 that “Teams that Play Together, Stay Together”.               

One way that Eye Physicians and Surgeons shows appreciation for the hard work of their employees is through our connection with the Wilmington Blue Rocks.  For three years now, EPS has sponsored the giant eyeball race between innings at the games.  Two giant eyeballs run down the third base line racing to home plate.  Through this sponsorship we also will host employee night at the games where dinner, refreshments and snacks are provided in the comfort of one of the suites at the ballpark.  It’s a great way to spend an evening and allows the employees to bond in a relaxed, social setting which we feel translates to a more relaxed working environment back in the office.

(Pictured above from left to right:  Rocky, Amber, Madhavi, and Vasha)

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