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SEES - Solar Eclipse Eye Safety

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by Elisabeth Parisi
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A total solar eclipse will be visible from our Continent on August 21, 2017 beginning at 1:15 pm in Oregon and ending at 2:45 in South Carolina!  Of course we need the weather to cooperate, but a unique opportunity is available to us.  Please be aware, however,  that looking directly at the sun is not safe. Whether it is an eclipse or a normal day, looking directly into the sun will cause damage to your eyes such as solar retinopathy.  The safest way to protect your vision is to use special purpose solar filters.  These solar filters are used in “eclipse glasses”.  The New Castle County Public Libraries have ordered a supply of these eclipse glasses and select libraries are making them available FREE while supplies last beginning on Monday, August 14th.  If you live in a different county in Delaware, call your local library to see if they have a supply.  Further information is on the following link  This link will take you to their website and then click on the blue words “see our special page”.

To recap -  on August 21st  this Solar Eclipse will occur - a partial eclipse will last 2 to 3 hours and a portion of the continent will experience a brief total eclipse.  This happens when the moon blocks any part of the sun from our view.  The next solar eclipse will take place July 2, 2019 but you will need to be in South America to view it!  Information on other sources of eyewear may be available at the American Astronomical Society.

More about eye safety and other tips regarding the eclipse is worth checking out on this link at the American Academy of Ophthalmology


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