Nov 10

Speechless on Scott Street

by Elisabeth Parisi
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Eye Physicians and Surgeons, P.A. has a new neighbor.  She is located in our same building at 1207 N. Scott Street and is directly below us. Our new neighbor is Cindy Kopylic, owner and operator of CK Skin Spa, and is currently holding her Grand Opening! 

She was introduced to EPS staff at one of our monthly meetings and offered a free service to two of us by way of a name draw.  My name was drawn and I quickly claimed my free service.  As someone who never experienced a facial or a massage I was in for a real treat.  Upon entering the spa the décor was pleasing to the eyes as I was led to a room with candles, pastel colors and soft lighting.  My customized facial began by breathing in aromas that encouraged relaxation, lying comfortably under a cozy blanket, listening to soothing music and finally the artful massage of Cindy’s trained hands felt from the temples to the fingertips.  This sensory input of sight, sound, scent and touch left me speechless.  However, I must give you this warning – one experience leaves you wanting more!

To learn more about CK Skin Spa services please visit Cindy’s website or call 302-440-6100.

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