Apr 10

A Friendly Reminder about the New Medicare Card

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by Elisabeth Parisi
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Do you have questions about the timeline for the New Medicare Card mailing?    

  • They are starting to provide the new cards this month – April 2018 -  and the replacement card mailings are to be completed by April, 2019. 
  • Log onto the following link:  https://www.medicare.gov/newcard/  and learn more.  The new card will no longer have your SS #, but will have 11 digits to identify you as a beneficiary.  These 11 characters will contain both letters and numbers
  • What you need to remember is to bring your new card with you (once it is received) so that we can bill Medicare appropriately for services we provide.  Each of your medical providers will need to see your new ID number as payment will be denied by Medicare without the correct ID number

The new card disbursement started this month and mailings will out geographically.  The link above explains that the following:

  • Those new to Medicare will be the first to receive the new card. 
  • After that, they are being mailed out geographically. 
  • There is a chart in the link where you can track which state’s population is in the mailing process. 
  • You do not need to do anything except to wait for your new card to arrive UNLESS you have changed your address and have not updated it with Medicare or Social Security – in which case you can easily update your address with a phone call or on line.

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