May 9

Ocriplasmin - new drug FDA Approved for Treating Vitreomacular Traction

Ocriplasmin instead of Vitrectomy

by Elisabeth Parisi
Tagged with: Ocriplasmin Outcomes

Dr. Paula Ko attended a lecture in Philadelphia regarding the drug, Ocriplasmin, which has recently been FDA approved for treating stage II macular hole and vitreomacular traction.  Dr. Ko, as well as Dr. Carolyn Glazer-Hockstein, have identified their patients that qualify for this treatment and look forward to witnessing their positive outcomes. 

Dr. Julia Haller, Ophthalmologist-in-Chief at the Wills Eye Institute, discusses the drug trials on the Medscape website linked below.  She notes the standard treatment has been vitrectomy.  Intravitreal injections of Ocriplasmin will decrease the risks associated with vitrectomy such as the risk of infection and cataract progression.  Ocriplasmin will provide a better option for patients at Eye Physicians and Surgeons who suffer with stage II macular hole and vitreomacular traction and both Dr. Ko and Dr. Glazer are ready to proceed.  

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