Jun 25

Electronic Medical Records system puts energy into EPS Practice

EMR, quick results, records and reports

by Elisabeth Parisi

 Eye PEyeEye PEye Physicians and Surgeons, P.A. has been in the process of transferring office productivity to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and staff and physicians have found the learning process well worth the effort!  We think the physicians who refer to our practice have been pleased with the results.  One fine example is the swiftness of a medical letter / report being composed and sent to the patient's primary care physician and other health care providers.  It was only a year ago that dictation tapes were transcribed the day after the patient's visit - and sometimes it was several days after the visit.  Once these documents were transcribed they needed to be edited, printed, copied, and finally mailed and / or faxed.

However, with the invention of electronic records the process has been altered quite a bit.  Now the patient's history has already been placed in the data base.  At the new visit our doctor and / or technician enters new examination results into a formatted template, test results are entered as well as other information that is applicable and a letter is formed electronically that includes the important information.  The letter or report is then transmitted to the secretary electronically.  The secretary views this document in the database, corrects any spelling or grammar, spruces up the formatting a bit and the letter / report is completed.  The secretary immediately faxes the completed document to the intended physicians and the document is saved in the patient's electronic record.  Conceivably the primary care physician and other providers can receive a report within an hour of the patient's visit, and this has happened.  This benefits the practice as well as the other providers, not to mention the patient.

Another example could be if a patient moved to another state and needed their records sent to their new provider, the EMR does not have to be taken apart, photocopied and then mailed - it can be printed right from the computer record and the forwarded the same day.

We think technology is improving and enhancing the work we do at EPS and we hope you think so as well.

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