LASIK Risks: What Laser Eye Surgery Patients Should Know By Eye Physicians and Surgeons, P.A. on October 15, 2014

A man in a medical office smilesMany patients come to Eye Physicians and Surgeons here in Wilmington in order to learn more about LASIK surgery. There's a good reason why. LASIK can enhance your vision and reduce your dependence on corrective lenses. This allows people to see great without prescription eye glasses or contact lenses.

From the above, you'd think that LASIK is all benefits and no risk, but the fact of the matter is that any surgery entails some amount of risk. Let's take this opportunity to cover some of the potential complications one can experience after LASIK and what you can be done to reduce the chances of complications occurring.

Are complications likely after LASIK surgery?

Thankfully LASIK complications are relatively uncommon, though it's important that patients be made aware of the risks. This helps them have realistic expectations about the laser eye surgery process.

Undercorrection and Overcorrection

Sometimes your vision will not be at its optimal level, requiring you to wear glasses after LASIK in order to see at certain distances. So while LASIK can reduce dependence on corrective lenses, a LASIK complication may actually require you to continue wearing glasses.

Vision Loss

In severe cases, a patient may experience vision loss that cannot be corrected with a secondary LASIK procedure or through the use of contacts and eyeglasses. Thankfully these kinds of serious complications are very rare.

Flap Complications

During LASIK, a flap is created in the topmost layer of the cornea. When it is set down to heal, there may be folds, wrinkles, or other issues with the corneal flap. This leads to irritation as well as problems with your vision.

Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye is a normal side effect after LASIK, and it generally doesn't last long. However, in some cases patients will suffer from long-term and persistent dry eye, which will require them to continue using liquid tears for years after the procedure.

Infection After Surgery

Infection is a common risk with any surgery, and LASIK is no exception. Eye infections can lead to irritation as well as loss of vision if not treated in a timely fashion.

How We Prevent LASIK Complications from Occurring

In order to improve patient experience and reduce the chances of complications, we use the latest techniques and technologies in laser vision correction. This improves the overall results of refractive surgery procedures and also limits the potential of human error while performing laser eye surgery.

We also carefully determine candidacy for LASIK and ensure only ideal candidates undergo the procedure. If you are not an ideal candidate for LASIK, an alternative eye care treatment will be recommended that is better suited to you and your needs.

How You Can Prevent LASIK Complications

Patients are provided with detailed pre-op and post-op instructions prior to the LASIK surgery date. They are encouraged to follow these instructions to the letter in order to heal properly and to reduce the chances of negative side effects and major complications. In essence, we give patients the information they need to be prepared for surgery and to recover safely, properly, and quickly.

Learn More About Laser Vision Correction

If you would like more about LASIK surgery and how it can help you achieve excellent vision, be sure to contact our eye care center today. At Eye Physicians and Surgeons, we are committed to helping patients achieve excellent eye health.

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