Feb 2

New Technology and Medicine in the Field of Retina

New Drugs AMD, noninvasive test, smaller surg gaug

by Jeffrey Minkovitz

Dr. Paula Ko recently returned from Boston where she attended the annual Atlantic Coast Retina Club Macula 2015 conference.  She is very excited about all the new technology and medicine in the field of retina. 

New Drugs On The Horizon

 There are many promising new drugs that will treat wet AMD and even one that may treat dry AMD.  While they are currently still being studied, the feeling is that there will be more drugs available over the next 3-5 years that will add to what we already have.

Non-Invasive Test

 The OCT/Angiogram is a test that will more easily diagnose wet AMD without the need for an invasive dye.  It can show the flow of the retinal blood vessels without an injection!

Better Surgical Instruments

Smaller gauge instruments in the operating room will make surgeries safer.  The healing time will also be faster.

It is an exciting time in the field of retina and the doctors at EPS are excited to use the new equipment when it will become available, which will be soon!

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