Mar 5

What is a scleral lens and why is it so special?

This blogger asked these questions of Dr. Denh Tuyen, O.D. who joined the Eye Physicians and Surgeons team over a year ago.  She stated the scleral lens is larger than the normal contact lens and is special because it is prescribed for those with irregular astigmatism and/or those who have an eye disease such as keratoconus or dry eye.  Such eye conditions can cause the cornea to be shaped differently, thus causing visual impairments.  Recently a patient with double vision in one eye (after having Lasik surgery several years ago), saw Dr. Tuyen at the recommendation of his ophthalmologist.  She tested him with the scleral lens and his double vision was gone!


Do all optometrists prescribe the scleral lens?

Dr. Tuyen is unique in that not many optometrists prescribe the scleral lens.  Therefore, Eye Physicians has yet another reason for patients to choose us as their eye care specialist.  You may want to find out if you are a candidate for this special contact lens.  Give us a call at (302) 652-3353 for an appointment.


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