Oct 7

Knowledge, Discipline, and Desire

Risk Blindness, Lifestyle Guide, Color Coded Diet

by Elisabeth Parisi

The Women's Journal is a quarterly publication whose demographics target each of the 3 counties in Delaware.  Their motto is "educate. enrich. empower."  That is exactly what Dr. Paula Ko does in her article published in The New Castle County Women's Journal.  Her article on "Diabetes And Risk of Blindness" educates the general public, and especially the diabetic patient,  about ways to prevent vision loss or the need for ophthalmic surgery.  These methods may also impede the progression of an existing retinal disease.

Not all of us are knowledgeable about the effects of diet and exercise (or lack thereof) and don't necessarily associate a particular disease such as diabetes to the quality of our vision.  Dr. Ko acknowledges the difficulty of putting into practice the healthier things in life as she states that it "requires patient knowledge, discipline, and desire!"  This quote relates to the Women's Journal quote to "educate. enrich. empower."  The facts we process when educated lead to enriching our lives with healthier habits.  That knowledge and enrichment empowers us to get on track and stay there.

Dr. Ko simplifies her message with color codes for a proper diabetic diet.  To learn what Green, Yellow, and Red mean to your health, press CTRL + click when hovering your mouse over the link below to read Dr. Ko's complete article.  http://thewomensjournal.com/2015/10/diabetes-and-risk-of-blindness.



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