Dec 18

WEEKLY EYE OPENERS with Eye Physicians and Surgeons, PA - Food for Healthy Eyes

Detoxify, reduce inflammation, preserve vision

by Elisabeth Parisi


How often have you been advised by your eye doctor to eat green leafy vegetables daily?  Do you wonder why this instruction bears repeating?  Perhaps it would open your eyes to read that eating more green leafy vegetables reduces inflammation and fights disease.  In the current trend of detoxifying your body you may want to note that green leafy vegetables do just that.

So why not experiment with a recipe or two that may open your eyes to new items on your menu. The following suggestion appeals to me.  Instead of using flatbread or other typical product to make a wrap, use a dark green leafy vegetable to do the job.  Just place your entre' or side dish on top of the vegetable leaf and roll into a wrap.  You have to admit that losing the bread and using the vegetable appeals to our sense of wise calorie intake.  Two recipes suggested by Cooking Light magazine are Korean Chicken Lettuce Wraps and Mu Shu Chicken Lettuce Wraps.  But a word to the wise – ophthalmologists advise us that it is the DARK green leafy vegetables that help our eyes so instead of the suggested romaine lettuce, substitute spinach leaf or collard greens.  Click on the following two links to view the recipes: and

This blogger took the above information from an article found on line in Cooking Light ( The article is titled “12 New Ways to Eat Leafy Greens” by Grace Elkus.

Let me know if your eyes were opened or closed to this menu item!  Perhaps you found your own ingredients to place inside the dark green leafy vegetable– please feel free to share!


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