Feb 27

Looking for Glasses in All the Right Places

Eye Screening, glaucoma, cataracts, donate glasses

by Elisabeth Parisi

It is that time of year again - time for a fourth trip to Haiti as a medical mission adventure.  The citizens of Haiti are in need of eye care and Dr. Paula Ko had arranged in previous years to make this trip each April.  However, this year one of her trusted technicians, Suzy Smith, will go in her place and perform eye screenings at remote villages.  Screenings will encompass glaucoma and cataracts among other maladies.  In support of this humanitarian effort, Eye Physicians and Surgeons is collecting used eye glasses to be sent to Haiti with Suzy.  We will have a collection box in our lobby to receive your used eye glasses.  The box will be clearly marked for this mission trip.

Suzy is extremely excited about this opportunity and feels honored to go in Dr. Ko's place.  To add to this positive experience for Suzy, her adult son James will be accompanying her!      

                                                                            Photo by Jonathan Torgovnik                                                                                 

    Suzy Smith - Happy about goint to Haiti                                                       .

EPS is pleased and proud to be a participant by proxy in this charitable effort.  Watch for our donation box the next time you are in the office.  Thank you for your support!


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