Mar 20


Donations,used eye glasses

by Elisabeth Parisi

We would love to have your help collecting used eye glasses for charity.  Our Ophthalmology Technician, Suzy Smith, is making a trip to Haiti and will be dispensing used eye glasses to those who need them most.  As you have read, we have a collection box in our office.  However, we are asking if you could print the Wanted Poster displayed in this blog and take to your school, church, or civic association and ask for their help in collecting.  The deadline is fast approaching.  If you can help, keep in mind that April 17th is the last date to get them to us at Eye Physicians and Surgeons!  Thank you for all  your help.

P.S.  To print the Wanted Poster, click on the image then right click,  Select the option to copy.  Go to Word or other applicaiton and right click - then select paste.  You should be able to print from this application.

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