Apr 24

Powerful Knowledge About Ocular Tumors

Dilated Eye Exams, tumors

by Elisabeth Parisi
Tagged with: Dilated Ocular Tumors

Are you familiar with the the types of tumors that can occur in your eye?  In her article written for The Women's Journal - New Castle County which appears in the April 2017 edition, Dr. Paula Ko educates the reader about the types of choroidal tumors.  She states the most common benign choroidal tumor is a nevus and the most common malignant choroidal tumor is melanoma.  Her article describes the diagnosis and treatment for these tumors as well as a list of facts to know and things to do.

The most important fact shared by Dr. Ko is that routine dilated eye exams are the only way to detect an ocular tumor in the early stages.  Many interestng, vital facts are in Dr.Ko's article.  Click on the following link to read "the rest of the story"  http://thewomensjournal.com/2017/04/ocular-tumors-choroidal-nevus-vs-choroidal-melanoma.  Or you can type in your browser thewomensjournal.com/category/health-medicine/.  Scroll down until you see the title Ocular Tumors.   Click on the title and you will be able to read the rest of the story!

EPS ophthalmologists - Dr. Paula Ko, Dr. Carolyn Glazer-Hockstein, and Dr. Jeffrey Minkovitz - are frequent contributors to The Women's Journal - New Cstle County.  The magazine is free!  When you see it just pick it up and take it home for valuable reading material.


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