Jun 30

Obtaining Good Medical Care When Speaking Only Spanish

Obtener Atención Médica en Español

by Elisabeth Parisi
Tagged with: Dual Language Office

At Eye Physicians & Surgeons we have a Spanish speaking staff member.  She is more than willing to assist the Spanish speaking individual who is attempting to make an appointment or find out information.  She is also available if an individual needs communication assistance when in the office interacting with the Tech or the Doctor.  This staff member has been known to take one of the handout’s given by a doctor to a patient and translate it into Spanish.

Our dual language employee is Lizbeth Rivera-Summers who works the reception area at the Check-In desk.  Lizbeth was born and raised in a Spanish speaking family and grew up speaking both English and Spanish.  And as a bonus she exudes enthusiasm and friendliness.

So, if you speak only Spanish - never fear – Lizbeth is here!



En la oficina de Eye Physicians & Surgeons, tenemos un personal que habla españo.  Ella está más que dispuesta a ayudar a los hispanos que necesitan ayuda hablando con los doctores.  Nuestro empleada bilinqüe as puertorriqueña y su nombre es Lizbeth Rivera-Summers, ella trabaja la zona de recepción en el mostrador de facturación.  Ella siempre está disponible para traducir para los pacientes a petición.

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