Jan 23

Winter, Winds and Eye Wear

eye protection, glare, Omega-3

by Elisabeth Parisi


During our winter weather advisories about the temperature,high winds, snowfall measurements, and slippery ice, we think about protecting ourselves and our family on the road and in the home– we sometimes go into survivor mode. Let’s take it a step further and consider what happens to our eyes – our window to the world.  They can be greatly affected by cold weather and need protection and treatment as well.

The following link offers good information:  http://discoveryeye.org/winter-weather-and-your-eyes.     

In this article we learn there are four eye conditions that can be caused or exacerbated by cold and wind.  They are dry eyes, excessive tearing, red swollen eyes and burning eyes.  The best prevention is to wear eye protection while outside such as glasses or goggles.  Using OTC artificial tears will help as well. The best treatment includes using a humidifier against the dryness, increase your intake of Omega-3, stay hydrated and use eye drops as prescribed by your eye doctor. 

The most important and useful action is to see your EPS eye doctor regarding any symptoms of irritated eyes. Our doctors are knowledgeable about the latest treatment and can determine if there are more causes to your symptoms than simply the wintery weather. Just give us a call at (302) 652-3353 and our friendly reception group will be happy to help you.

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