Mar 28

Food Friday! The Incredible Egg

by Elisabeth Parisi

What do you think about when someone mentions the egg?  This time of year symbolism is high on the awareness scale .  We often consider the egg as symbolizing new beginnings such as Spring after the dormant season of Winter; new life after a season of despair. Fertility is another meaning assigned to eggs. Our Food Friday this week falls right into the season of symbolic meaning, therefore we are celebrating the Egg with our featured recipes.  Have fun using these recipes on your holiday table as well as everyday table.

The link will take you to Deviled Egg Twists on Leftover Easter and Passover Eggs.  The recipe includes the base for all 3 recipes which are Bacon Balsamic Deviled Eggs, Old Bay Deviled Eggs and White Cheddar Bacon Deviled eggs.  There are some healthy options included with those with high cholesterol.




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