Aug 23

On my recent blog regarding Contact Lens Health Week I neglected to include the link to the videos on the CDC site even though I provided the link to the videos from AAO.

The following link takes you to the CDC videos about patient stories:  I think these personal stories, which tell about the consequences experienced when not following guidelines, would be a great tool for preventing poor habits to form.  Four of the videos listed are less than 3 minutes in length.  The fifth video listed is under 5 minutes.  I hope you tune in to view them and consider including the younger members of your family when you do.  Make it a teaching moment!

  • Ryan’s Story – Water and Contacts Don’t Mix
  • Te’s Story – Don’t Sleep in Contacts
  • Whitney’s Story –Keep Water Away from Contacts
  • Patient Story – Jim – Improper storage lead to infection and vision loss plus the wait for a corneal transplant
  • General Contact Lens Use – CDC Dr. Jennifer Cope

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