Oct 2

Can I Believe My Eyes?!

by Elisabeth Parisi

Dr. Paula Ko viewing an OCT

People often say “I can’t believe my eyes!” because they just witnessed something that was unusual, or surprised them in some way.  Consider your reaction when you process the information in this blog.  When I read the information in the article attached to the link below, I said out loud “I can’t believe my eyes!”  I was reading that eye exams and diagnostic studies having to do with ophthalmology can detect the markers for Alzheimer’s which we all worry about.  Every time our memory fails us we wonder “is it happening to me?”  With this newly discovered information we can believe that hope is on the horizon.  

I’m sure you are waiting with impatience (or reading ahead) that a research study involving 30 older individuals that showed no signs of dementia, however 14 of them were diagnosed with preclinical Alzheimer’s.  It was changes in the structure of the retina and optic nerve that paralleled changes in the brain that opened the eyes of researchers.   Eye exams with diagnostic tools such as optical coherence topography (OCT) provide clues to early diagnoses.  As it is with many maladies, early diagnosis brings a better outcome.  Certainly more research is in order but now eyes have been opened to possibilities that provide hope to us all.

The following link can provide you with further information which link to other sources as well: https://bellophthalmic.cmail20.com/t/t-l-olyjrn-nihyhpuk-y/

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