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Jun 19

Dr. Jeffrey Minkovitz is a regular contributor to the New Castle County Women's Journal which is a quarterly publication. His article noted in the title above will be published with the next edition of the New Castle County Women's Journal - and with their permission it has been included it in it's entirety on this blog. 

Mar 9

Sun exposure is not a respecter of seasons.  Winter exposure can be harmful even more than exposure during the summer.

Jun 15

All surgeries come with a certain degree of risk. While routinely performed and very safe, we always make sure that cataract surgery patients understand what the potential complications of the procedure are prior to the actual surgery date.

Apr 15

Cataract surgery is an important option to consider for removing clouded lenses from the eyes and enhancing your overall vision. Let's take a brief look right now at the recovery process and what patients can expect as they heal.

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