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Oct 22

New doctor on staff at Eye Physicians & Surgeons.  Her background is full of compassionate efforts in the US as well as foreign countries.

Sep 28

LASIK surgery is a great option to consider if you want to enhance the overall quality of your vision, but the surgery is not for everyone. Let's look at who is a good candidate for surgery.

Sep 18
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The specialists at the Wilmington laser vision correction center, Eye Physicians and Surgeons, P.A., discuss the LASIK recovery process.

Aug 23

AREDS vitamins decrease the progression of AMD, the disease that is the leading cause of blindness in America.

Jun 25

Ophthalmology Practice using EMR and is producing records and reports in a time saving fashion.

Jun 15

All surgeries come with a certain degree of risk. While routinely performed and very safe, we always make sure that cataract surgery patients understand what the potential complications of the procedure are prior to the actual surgery date.

Jun 11

Valued employee changes paths and staff as well as physicians will miss her and the good job she consistently performed.

May 30

Arrival of new Practice Administrator at EPS brings focus on continuing excellence.

May 15

Leadership skills of EPS Technician are valued.

May 15
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For many patients in Wilmington, LASIK eliminates the need for contact lenses and glasses altogether.

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